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NCSEA 2020 Leadership Symposium

Call For Proposals

It’s time to submit proposals for NCSEA’s 2020 Leadership Symposium!  The planning committee is seeking workshop proposals for the NCSEA Leadership Symposium that will provide relevant, dynamic knowledge to attendees while enhancing their professional development and leadership skills.
The NCSEA Leadership Symposium is designed to provide directors, managers and leaders in the child support community with content that is focused on nurturing current leaders and growing future leaders. Recognizing both formal and informal leadership, the target audience includes all who lead, regardless of title. Historically, two-thirds of conference attendees have been in the child support profession for more than ten years, reflecting vast program knowledge and experience. The NCSEA Leadership Symposium focuses on courses that combine knowledge and experience in the child support program with education on developing core leadership skills.

If you're ready to turn your great ideas into learner-centric programs please submit a proposal online.

Things to consider:
•    Address issues affecting child support professionals: Here’s a list of requested topics.
•    Write a good description: Keep it short, focused, capture attention, and spa
rk interest.
•    Build key points: What will the attendees take away to do their jobs better? Identify two or three main ideas.
•    Identify relevant experts: Who should deliver this content? Help us identify engaging speakers.
•    Consider engagement strategies: NCSEA Leadership Symposium attendees tell us they want to be engaged.  How will you engage them in the conversation to get the most out of the presentation? Consider other presentation formats for a great session.
•    Submission: Proposals must be submitted through the online form.


NCSEA Leadership Symposium attendees have requested more hands-on learning experiences.  In 2020, NCSEA will introduce NCSEA LEARNING LAB.  NCSEA LEARNING LAB will consist of 60 minute, hands-on learning opportunities that offer interactive learning.  If you have a training opportunity to present to attendees: motivational interviewing, effective LinkedIn profile writing, resume writing, social media how-to, interpreting data, leadership hacks, successful communication skills, how to have difficult conversations -  we encourage you to submit a proposal.

To achieve a balanced conference program, NCSEA’s Leadership Symposium Planning Committee reserves the right to combine proposals, and request that some or all of the content be included in another presentation and/or co-presented. Workshops are typically 60-90 minutes in length, but there may be some variation depending on the final schedule.

Please submit your proposal by TBD. Be sure to save a copy of your proposal in case of a submission glitch with the system. Please direct any questions or comments to Gillyn Croog, NCSEA, Senior Manager of Professional Development, at

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