Maggie McGlynn

Maggie McGlynnPresident, McGlynn Leadership


Maggie McGlynn has served a wide variety of non-profit and public sector groups, local communities, and organizations for the past twenty-eight years.  She has a mastery in design and facilitation of local, state, national and international meetings.  Maggie assists leaders, management groups, staff and communities to build effective teams, form collaborative partnerships, plan multi-community efforts, and host interactive forums.  Building on her success, Maggie now trains, facilitates and coaches leaders in their professional development, systems building and peer networking.

McGlynn Leadership has extensive experience facilitating early childhood initiatives (listed below) (1995-present). Service delivery has included initiatives in North Carolina, New York, Illinois, Washington State, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Michigan, South Carolina, Iowa and with many other state leaders through the national BUILD Initiative. We offer a unique understanding of early childhood issues while remaining neutral to help clients manage complex and at times highly charged or controversial discussions and decision-making.

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North Carolina Community

~    Ready Schools

~    K-2 Literacy Assessment Task Force

~    Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Grant Think Tank

~    Shared Indicators Group

~    FutureThink Leadership Team

~    Social-Emotional Design Team

~    Funders Alliance

~    Leaders’ Collaborative

~    Policy Work Groups

~    NC Pathways

~    New York Early Childhood Advisory Council

~    Illinois Governor’s Office of Early

National Systems Development 

~    New York Early Childhood Advisory Council

~    Illinois Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development

~    Washington State Early Learning Advisory Council

~    Pennsylvania Early Childhood and Funder Dialogue

~    Michigan’s Early Childhood Investment Corporation

~    Everything Matters for Babies Think Tank (national forum)

~    Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness and Racial Equity Planning, Illinois

~    QRIS Think Tanks

~    Research to Policy Forum, PA

~    BUILD Leadership Network Meetings with State Leads

~    Family Friend and Neighbor Care National Meeting

~    Staff and Funder retreats, support to state leaders, and conferences for the BUILD Initiative