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The NCSEA Leadership Symposium was developed to offer targeted educational opportunities for directors, managers, leaders and future leaders.  The presentations offered should share and celebrate best practices and the application of best practices, partnerships and innovative thinking within the day to day management and operations of the child support program.  Leadership Symposium should offer leadership training for current leaders while also nurturing the future leaders of the program.

Explore over 30 workshops, plenaries and networking opportunities, to help you LEVEL-UP.

Tidying Up – Decluttering Federal Parent Locater Service Data (FPLS) and streamlining processes      

Child Support System Modernization (Part 1) 

How to Build Child Support Units

Succession Planning: Building A Team Of "Next Level" Players    

Innovation on A Budget: Leveraging Behavioral Science 

Strengthening Families: One Father at A Time   

How Can Data Level Up Equity in Your Program?

Reclaiming Capacity to Do More Good: The Secret To Successfully Lead Family-Centered Child Support Transformation

Decision-Making In Government Organizations: A Better Way   

Child Support System Modernization (Part 2)

Amplify Your Approach to Domestic Violence

Transforming Child Support Experts Into Rockstar Trainers

Leveraging Multiple Disciplines In Pursuit Of Continuous Improvement

Selective Contempt: Data, Engagement and Building A More Effective Process

Next Level Recruitment and Retention  

Measuring Opinions About Our Programs to Inform Improvement Strategies

Progress Through Partnership and Collaboration

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