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The NCSEA Leadership Symposium was developed to offer targeted educational opportunities for directors, managers, leaders and future leaders.  The presentations offered should share and celebrate best practices and the application of best practices, partnerships and innovative thinking within the day to day management and operations of the child support program.  Leadership Symposium should offer leadership training for current leaders while also nurturing the future leaders of the program.

Explore over 30 workshops, plenaries and networking opportunities, to help you LEVEL-UP.

Plenary I: Lead, Leverage, and Light Up in these Transformational Times

Plenary II: Leveling Up your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Practices

Plenary III: Level Up Leadership: Transforming Your Leadership Path in Child Support

Plenary IV: Leading through Change:  State, Tribal, and County Leaders Share Their Change Experiences

Plenary V: Level Up Your Processes: Leading Technology Change With a Modern Approach

Plenary VI: From Where I Sit:  A Custodial Parent’s Perspective of What’s Working and What Could Be Different in the Child Support Program

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